Bon” means “good.”

In Chinese, the word “good” is represented by a character that is the compound of the words “daughter” and “son.”

We put two “goods” together to depict children who have gathered together to play.

Why Choose BonBon

Our founders have great experiences in art. We care about aesthetics and quality. Therefore, we create a bright, spacious and comfortable environment for children to spend their energy.

Our toys, tableware, and furniture are made from non-toxic material to protect your children.

We specially design activities for each of a child’s development stages.

We maintain a small class to reduce contagious diseases and increase the teaching quality. Students and teacher ratio less than 3:1, ensure safety and care quality.

Our goal


During the COVID-19 pandemic, we will maintain a small class to reduce disease spread. Every child will measure body temperature and sanitizing before they enter the facility.


Furthermore, we will pay attention to children’s health and cleaning, use safe sanitizer and cleaner for children, emphasize health education, and restrict guests visiting from school time. The visitor also needs to follow the regulation to prevent infection in children. After visiting, we will clean and disinfect the environment carefully.


We follow the California Department of Social Services (CDSS) guidance to prevent the COVID-19 pandemic.